3 Characters from the Comic That The Walking Dead Should Include


The Walking Dead series doesn’t always stick closely to the original comic source material; the TV show has even introduced entirely new characters and storylines, such as the characters of Daryl and Merle, who were not in the original comics. The show has also altered the personal ties and backstories of certain characters, such as Tyreese, who different significantly from his comic book counterpart. Despite the many differences between the two ‘Walking Deads,’ the TV show usually does incorporate many elements from the original comic books, including its characters. The following are three characters from the comics that The Walking Dead TV show should add to its repertoire.

Negan is one of the most intense, dangerous and cruel characters in the entire comic book series. Negan rules with an iron fist and enjoys his cruelty openly, making him a great contrast to the show’s previous villains—like the Governor, who put a façade of kindness and only let his cruelty show during very private moments, or when he became completely unhinged.

Negan would add a lot of tension and fear into the show. However, the writers would have to be careful and make sure that he is not portrayed as being too over-the-top, since the comic book Negan is prone to lots of outlandish dialogue. But dialogue that works in the context of a comic book does not always work on a television show.

Negan would not be complete without his counterpart, Ezekiel. While Ezekiel is also the ruler of a group, he reigns with rules and consequents, and not abject cruelty or savagery. One element of Ezekiel may need to be altered for TV—namely his pet tiger, Shiva—but he would otherwise make a great addition to the show’s cast.

Dwight is one of the most tragic and compelling characters of the original comic book series. Dwight is introduced during the “Savior” storyline of the comic book show. Dwight is one of Negan’s main underlings, and is well known–and feared–for his deadly accuracy with a crossbow. Dwight becomes tangled in the fight between the ‘Saviors’ and those living in the Alexandria Safe-Zone and he becomes torn between his loyalty and fear of Negan and his desire to live with survivors who are not cruel and dangerous. Dwight is an emotionally interesting character who could add some much needed ‘grey’ to the show’s antagonists.


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Hello Ladies Pilot

Think back to your most awkward bar experience. Perhaps you struck out with that dashing young man or smoking-hot lady seated by the bar. Perhaps your rendition of ‘the robot’ wasn’t a hit on the dance floor. A fashion faux-pas was your downfall, maybe? Whatever it was, take a moment to really take in the scene and feel the humiliation. That is what watching the Hello Ladies pilot was like.

Now, that’s not to say it wasn’t enjoyable- Stephen Merchant is delightfully funny and the humor is reminiscent of his work on The Office. The difference here is that it’s more ‘cringe-inducing’ humor that tends to rely on Stuart (the main character, who Stephen plays) being woefully desperate while everyone around him remains rotten. Being lanky and ‘awkward’ in appearance himself, Merchant plays this role perfectly, as well as writes and works on other parts of the show. If you’re not a fan of ‘cringe-humor’, you may not care for this brand of comedy. It has a lot of potential, and many will be able to identify with the manic mishaps of Stuart and his friends.helloladies

In the pilot, the main characters are introduced- just as you’d expect. Stuart runs a web-design service and has a roommate named Jessica who could become a love interest later on (maybe too predictably), as well as a best friend named Wade who is grieving a divorce. The pilot opens with a scene at a bar where Stuart and Wade successfully approach- and then strike out with- a pair of ladies enjoying some drinks. The awkwardness is hard to swallow in even this opening scene, and one can’t help but laugh as he goes in for a number to which the lady replies “I don’t have a phone!” as she sprints away. Classic.

The rest of the pilot revolves around Stuart pursuing love interest Courtney, a woman working with Jessica on her web series. Stuart manages to arrange to meet Courtney at a nightclub, and drags Wade along to try to ‘soothe’ his divorce woes. Wade brings along Kives, a wheelchair-bound ladies man who Stuart loathes, and they hit up the club. Stuart finds Courtney who then tricks him into buying a round of 800$ drinks for her and her friends. He plays bartender, even taking orders and special requests, and then is denied a seat by Courtney or any of her friends. In what has to be the most awkward scene on recent television, Stuart trips into the table of 800$ drinks, soaking him and revealing the condom in his pocket. Facepalm worthy to the max.

Kives is the only successful club-goer of the three, taking Courtney’s best friend home with him. Wade spent the night showing pictures of his ex-wife to potential dates on his laptop (yes, he WAS dancing around the club with the laptop bag over his shoulder- humorous in its ridiculousness) and Stuart, well, we know what happened. While viewers may find Stuart a bit too unlikeable, high hopes reign on for this series. Hopefully the writing will take a turn from “it’s funny because everybody is so awful to each other” to slightly more sophisticated humor.

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Sharon Stone Is At it Again

Basic-Instinct_Sharon-Stone_front-mid_bmp1Sharon Stone is telling actresses to get naked! Much to the delight of male audiences everywhere, Stone is endorsing the use of nudity to promote the authenticity of the scene, if nudity is called for. She said that for some scenes, nudity is the costume of the character. She admitted to not being able to understand why actresses remain hidden on screen when there is a love scene in progress.

According to a recent interview, Stone said she is disappointed when she is viewing scenes in which the comforter is taped to the actress’s chest. She explained that it removes the audience from the scene and that it doesn’t protect the viewer from anything in the scene. Stone added that when she’s in bed with someone, she doesn’t take the comforter with her if she has to go to the bathroom.

Stone described explaining her nudity to her father as he watched her star in “Basic Instinct“. She told him she played the role of a sexual sociopathic serial killer and that it was common sense to include the nudity. She added that it seemed foolish to do something else and that being inauthentic only distracts the audience.

Stone finished by saying that imperfection can be sensual. Stone made the statement when the subject of her age came up. It has been noted that she has not had plastic surgery although she is now 55 years old with three children.

Stone is most famously known for her role in “Basic Instinct’, the 1992 box office hit that redefined roles for actresses playing female sociopaths. In her latest role, she is playing the mother of Linda Lovelace, an ex porn star. Stone plays the part of Dorothy Boreman while Peter Sarsgaard plays the role of Lovelace’s overbearing and abusive husband.

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