3 Characters from the Comic That The Walking Dead Should Include

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The Walking Dead series doesn’t always stick closely to the original comic source material; the TV show has even introduced entirely new characters and storylines, such as the characters of Daryl and Merle, who were not in the original comics. The show has also altered the personal ties and backstories of certain characters, such as Tyreese, who different significantly from his comic book counterpart. Despite the many differences between the two ‘Walking Deads,’ the TV show usually does incorporate many elements from the original comic books, including its characters. The following are three characters from the comics that The Walking Dead TV show should add to its repertoire.

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Negan is one of the most intense, dangerous and cruel characters in the entire comic book series. Negan rules with an iron fist and enjoys his cruelty openly, making him a great contrast to the show’s previous villains—like the Governor, who put a façade of kindness and only let his cruelty show during very private moments, or when he became completely unhinged.

Negan would add a lot of tension and fear into the show. However, the writers would have to be careful and make sure that he is not portrayed as being too over-the-top, since the comic book Negan is prone to lots of outlandish dialogue. But dialogue that works in the context of a comic book does not always work on a television show.

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Negan would not be complete without his counterpart, Ezekiel. While Ezekiel is also the ruler of a group, he reigns with rules and consequents, and not abject cruelty or savagery. One element of Ezekiel may needto be altered for TV—namely his pet tiger, Shiva—but he would otherwise make a great addition to the show’s cast.

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Dwight is one of the most tragic and compelling characters of the original comic book series. Dwight is introduced during the “Savior” storyline of the comic book show. Dwight is one of Negan’s main underlings, and is well known–and feared–for his deadly accuracy with a crossbow. Dwight becomes tangled in the fight between the ‘Saviors’ and those living in the Alexandria Safe-Zone and he becomes torn between his loyalty and fear of Negan and his desire to live with survivors who are not cruel and dangerous. Dwight is an emotionally interesting character who could add some much needed ‘grey’ to the show’s antagonists.