Amazing Benefits of Big Data for Ecommerce Businesses and Shoppers


Big data. These are two words that are being thrown around a lot these days. And, big data deserves every ounce of the buzz it has generated. In the context of the e-commerce industry, big data can predict customer behavior with surprising accuracy. With each and every sale being recorded, e-commerce industry offers a massive amount of data and smart sellers can pick up cues from the sales trends to significantly increase their sales numbers. For the consumer, it means more targeted products that will serve them better. It is a win-win situation and here is how big data achieves this utopian state.

Making social media count

Consumers are more trusting of the social media. They pay heed to what social media tells them is good and is not. As a seller, you should consider every customer comment as a data point. When you analyze the bulk of such data, you can discover what is lacking in your product. You can even predict what your customers want to see in your future offerings.

Just imagine the power of such a tool. You will not only have a much happier customer pool, but also will never run out of the product inventory. How great is that!

Personalize products like never before

With today’s technology, sellers can not only track what their customers are browsing, but also how your customers are reaching their decisions. That’s right. Ecommerce businesses can track every click, every mouse-over, and every move that shoppers are making on their websites. They know exactly how a shopper reached a decision to buy a product.

With such valuable information at hand, sellers can offer uber-customized products to their customers and recommend them the products they like. On the other hand, it will become easy for the customers to find the products perfectly suited to their requirements. Quick searches translates into lesser time wasted surfing through products they don’t want.

Recommendation lists are possibly the most popular creation of big data. The use of recommendation lists by popular brands like Amazon, and LinkedIn are evidence of the power of big data.


Give your shoppers a Wow experience

Good customer experience is key to good reviews, and when it comes to online sales, reviews are everything. Big data helps in understanding the customers better. Big data takes into account online customer complaints, email messages, online reviews, and much more to generate insightful reports. Knowing which complaints to target helps the sellers serve their customers better, which in turn positively adds to the overall user experience and creates a loyal customer base.

The seller can also use big data reports to create a more effective customer management programs. The sales staff will be in a better position to deal with customers by learning new skills like online chats, tools that monitor social media activity, effective ticketing systems, and more. Sellers should make sure that they take customer feedback seriously and make changes as they go. Using big data, but not implementing its reports is not going to help. You have to understand that some customers leave a complaint after they have had a bad experience, while others flee without any sign. So, if you are solving one customer complaint, then it is more than likely that you are addressing the issues faced by many others, who chose to remain quiet. One solved issue can help you retain many customers.

Real Time Analytics Equals Real Profits

Big data analytics are emerging as we speak. The technology that is available today can offer sellers real-time analytics. Yes, you can understand your customer while he is shopping on your site. How is it useful? You can tailor the customer’s experience on their first visit, based on their demographic information and their browsing and clicking patterns. This is huge and places the seller in a unique position of advantage. The seller can now offer the customer what they want on their very first visit, which will make the customer very happy.


Big data analytics is changing the game of Ecommerce business. Sellers who want to serve their customers better, now have a tool to outdo their competition with this incredible tool. On the other hand, customers are also benefitting because they are getting a tailor-made experience which saves them a lot of time. Internet is a huge space to find what you are looking for. Big data is only acting as a guiding light to take the customers to the seller who is offering the exact product or service they are looking for.