Netflix is Expanding Daredevil into a Mini-Marvel Universe

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The world of Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil, and other great Marvel villains and heroes is soon going to change, and Netflix is soon getting ready to announce it. While only tidbits have been released so far, it has been confirmed that four new shows and a miniseries will soon be added to the Netflix lineup. Iron First, Luke Cage, and others will be making their way onto the Netflix platform within the coming months, and fans are building their anticipation.

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The discussion of Marvel’s universe has long been the center of much debate and entertainment. If there’s one thing Marvel is best at, it’s probably making great shows and movies that all intertwine and connect. In fact, Marvel introduced the idea to the movie world just a few years ago. Now, Netflix is jumping on board to help make the Marvel world even larger, and they’ve even announce a miniseries. The process has officially already begun with the recent release of Daredevil, but Netflix says that’s just the beginning.

The addition of Daredevil and the announcement of other shows has proven profitable for Netflix who has experienced an increase in subscriptions after adding some of their most recent series. This is a good sign for any Marvel fan, as Netflix has already made it clear that they can produce quality Marvel adaptions.

Daredevil has been gaining a lot of momentum lately as more fans jump on board to the Netflix platform and see what it’s all about. Countless cross-over possibilities have already been mentioned, and fans are waiting to see what Netflix has in store for the Marvel universe.

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Alongside Daredevil, it’s already been confirmed that Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage will also be receiving their own shows based in the same universe. Cross-overs are already in the works, and fans are expecting the next Netflix Marvel adaptions to be just as great as Daredevil.

Last year, an on-going fan speculation was finally made official: The Defenders will also be made into a miniseries (by Netflix). Similar to The Avengers, The Defenders will be a miniseries starring all of Netflix’s Marvel characters. Fans have guessed – and hoped – that Netflix and Marvel will also choose to include the villains and heroes from other Marvel movies and series. Either way, it’s expected to grow into something huge.

But, the deal between Marvel and Netflix expands far beyond TV shows. A couple of years ago, Netflix and Disney-Marvel signed a deal that would change the world of Marvel’s characters. At the time, the landmark partnership didn’t get much attention, as it wasn’t set to take effect until 2016. Now, with next year already coming up quick, and with the highly-successful release of Daredevil, fans have been reminded of the deal.

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The unprecedented deal gave Netflix first-run rights to all of the upcoming U.S. movies, including those that have now been acquired with the Lucasfilm purchase.

This is big news for not only Marvel fans, but for Netflix subscribers in general. This deal, while seemingly insignificant when first signed, can very well be a game changer in the field of on-demand streaming. When fans hear Netflix has first-run rights to Disney films, surely the on-demand streaming platform will experience a rush of new subscribers. But, it also means big news for Marvel as it will allow Netflix to continue with their project of adapting Marvel’s characters for the home screen.

Out of all of the news recently, fans seem to be most excited about the possibility of The Defenders. While already in the works, details of the miniseries aren’t yet known, but fans have confirmed that the show will be watchable in a marathon-setting. Unlike Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is heavily dependent and tied into the Marvel movies, it’s expected that The Defenders will be based in the same world, but on a smaller scale. This of course spells good news for fans who aren’t keeping up with the latest releases, and it also shows that Marvel is taking a slightly different path.

With 2015 nearly half way over already, Netflix subscribers are gearing up for everything the platform has in store. The Marvel adaptions have already proven to be highly successful with the recent debut of Daredevil, and future series are only expected to get better. The landmark deal between Disney-Marvel and Netflix is also going to prove beneficial to Netflix and its subscribers.

Fans of Marvel are waiting to see what will come of the rapidly expanding TV universe.